Frequently Asked Questions

    • Pilot Tours – If you’re going for our Pilot Tours, you just need to land here in country and rest will be taken care from Team HIMALAYA RIDES PVT. LTD. Till the ime you depart from the country. We will provide assistance with a Tour guide, medical assistance, Mechanical Assistance, Back up Vehicle, Hotels/Tent accommodations and Food Services throughout the tour. You can either join our fixed departure tours, or else you can drop us your request and we will customize our according to your preferences and needs.
    • Self-Guided Tours – It only includes Motorcycle Rental Services along with Spare Parts and basic necessary items from our Team. If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast and are well experienced with different terrains and weather then this is the one for you to choose. However, on special requests we provide with backup assistance but we still recommend choosing a tour with a Guide, and let us take care of you and everything else so you can enjoy and experience these adventures for which exactly you land in country.
  • There are 7 main items that are needed for the tour. These are :

    1. Passport
    2. Visa
    3. Driving License 
    4. Travel Insurance
    5. Photocopies of the above mentioned Documents
    6. Passport Size Photographs
    7. Emergency Contact No.’s
  • With different terrains,roads and weather conditions your motorcycling and traveling experience changes. You can have a detailed information about weather and road conditions in different tour itineraries.

    • You can carry the following currencies during tour – USD, Australian Dollar, Euro which will be exchanged from the exchange centres on personal demands. (The Rate Of Exchange Varies from Time and Place).
    • We suggest to carry some amount of money along with yourself in case you feel like buying something for yourself any extra eatables or drinks and shopping during the tour.
    • We require 25% of the total amount for booking the tour or motorcycle rental services.
    • In case of Motorcycle Rental Bookings, we keep a certain amount as SECURITY DEPOSIT which is refundable, when the tour ends and if no accidental damage is found in and outside of a motorcycle.
      If you feel like cancelling your bookings, just drop down a mail to us. Your refunds will depend on following conditions :
      1. If cancelled before 2 months prior to the tour – 25% of the booking amount will be refunded.
      2. If cancelled before 4 months prior to the tour – 50% of the booking amount will be refunded.
      3.  If cancelled before 6 months prior to the tour – 100% of the booking amount will be refunded.
  • Our accommodation varies from places and weather conditions, from one of the finest hotels in cities to tent inhabitation in some remote areas during the tour. But the hygiene conditions and surroundings are never compromised for your stays during the tours.

  • Our tour Includes :

    • Breakfast
    • Dinner
    • Tea/Snacks
    • Beverages

    Providing different tastes from different territories of our country is one of our concern and we assure to serve you with that during each day of our tour. However, HIMALAYA RIDES PVT. LTD. Never encourages alcoholic drinks during the riding hours. Alcoholic Drinks will only be available on special demand. Though You will definitely not be disappointed on your farewell day.

    • Wi-Fi, Internet and Phone Signal : There should be Wi-Fi in most hotels and guest houses. On some tours into the Himalayas, we may be off-line for a day or 2 though. Once the ride starts, connection to the virtual world takes a back-seat. Welcome to sweet, breathtaking, reality!
    • Communications: However Telephonic Communications will be provided with Satellite phones in some restricted areas wherever possible only in emergency cases.
    • Personal Insurance : A valid travel / medical insurance policy which covers your personal health, repatriation, belongings and covers you for riding a large capacity motorcycle (and high altitude in the case of Himalayan trips) for transport.  Please print off a copy for safe keeping during your tour / travels.  Riders are requested to hand over the insurance numbers and addresses to our guide.
    • Physical Fitness : You need to be fit enough.  Bike tours are physically demanding, even the “easy” ones and especially the tours through the High Himalayas.
    • Vaccinations : No vaccinations are required for any of the tours, but for your own peace of mind and safety, please check with your personal physician or local travel clinic.
    • Tired or Unwell : If you are unwell on a riding day, you may ride in the support vehicle, assuming we have one with us.  The mechanic will ride your bike until you are fit to ride again.
    • Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) or Altitude Sickness: Acute Mountain (High Altitude) Sickness is a risk on the High Himalayan tours.  Please check yourself for symptoms such as difficulty sleeping, dizziness or lightheadedness, fatigue , headache, loss of appetite, nausea or vomiting, rapid pulse (heart rate), shortness of breath with exertion.  Your guide, being local, will be very knowledgeable on AMS and how to treat it and there will be Diamox and Oxygen Cylinders in the backup van, with the First Aid Kit.  Feel free to bring your own Diamox.   Some ways to avoid AMS however are to drink plenty of fluids (water), avoid alcohol, chew coca leaves and eat regular meals containing carbohydrates.  Riders with heart or lung disease have to check with your physician before attempting to go to high altitudes.
    • Insect Bites :Mosquitos have a presence in Southern India (Kerala, Rajasthan), Mongolia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Thailand.  You can bring your own mosquito repellents, although there should also be some for sale at each of these destinations in the big cities and towns. There may not be time to acquire these though.
    • Age group of Riders : People of all ages are welcome to join our tours, but more important than age, is your physical health and strength.  Please get a doctors’ bill of health, especially for the high passes – Himalayas / Nepal.
    • Prevention 
      1. Safety is always a foremost priority, which is why we always wear helmets and armoured riding gear and ensure a minimum ‘2 Second Rule’ keeping a safe distance between riders.
      2. If you are unwell on a ride day, you may ride in the support vehicle, assuming we have one with us and even for 2+ riders, the mechanic will ride your bike until you are fit to ride again.
    • Insurance    1. Nobody wants to get hurt or injured on a tour, but accidents do sometimes happen.  You should have a travel insurance policy that is sufficient for your personal health / medicinal needs and covers hospitalisation or repatriation.  2. In remote locations, there will be no mobile signal and helicopter recovery service and ambulances may not be available.  The tour leader will ensure that the best possible evacuation / services are provided according to local availability.  Be aware that your insurance may cover helicopter rescue, but that we may have to send a messenger back down the road for one day to find a telephone that works in order to summon one, assuming the nearest helicopter is in working order – this would be the case on the more remote excursions in the mountains.  3 . We request riders to provide an alternative emergency contact and in the unfortunate event that anything serious should happen to you, we will inform this alternative contact of your condition as soon as possible.
    • Speed of Travel It’s a tour, not a race, please be considerate of the group and  the laws, people and animals of the country while on tour and ride accordingly.
    • What to Pack Please click to browse the detailed list with items to pack for your adventure.
    • What happens on Rest Days Once at a location, your time is your own, so please feel free to do as you wish off-bike.  Your guide will be able to suggest some leisure activities.
    • Size of Groups Although we have taken larger groups of 25 riders on tour in the past, our preferred group size is around 10 – 15.  See itineraries for specific numbers per trip.